Title Changed Back to Once Upon A One-Night Stand!

Okay, so that was a big mistake. And good thing I ate my pride and embarrassment and changed the title back to Once Upon A One-Night before slipping into oblivion. 

This is all too overwhelming for me… Sigh. 

Anyway, I’m still planning to go wide with the new book, I just want to have my new cover finalized first. I paid for it. And it actually fits perfectly. 

To be honest, I really don’t want to put human images on my cover. You might have noticed that I don’t add identity traits to my characters. I want my readers to see themselves in how my characters are portrayed. 

I can go on about this, but I’ll leave it there.

So, I’m working on multiple projects at once. I’m hoping to have Max’s story written by the end of the month. That’s how great this story is going! Although, I don’t want to rush because if I barrel through too fast, then I might miss some exciting plot points. But I’ve gone through this story in my head way too many times to slow my pace. In my last book, Xena and Lynx were new to me. But I’ve known Max and Lake since the Playing with Fire series!

I’m like a bull out the gate with this book! LOL! 

It’s refreshing actually.

So, as soon as my new cover is finalized, I’ll go wide with Once Upon A One-Night Stand. I promise you, one full book read gets me $1.64. It’s like robbery! What am I doing keeping my books in this program? If I’m not getting hundreds of book reads a day, then I need to scram, and the same with the other books. The problem is, I kept The Lord Brothers books in KU for too long. So I have to be patient and give them time to gain traction while wide. And work my BEHIND off to make that happen. I can do it. I will do it!

Until next week.

Have a great rest of your weekend or start to your week!

All best,