Author Update 7-2-2023!

Well, it’s finally July! I can’t believe we’re already in July, and I feel worn out.

I’m still writing Max’s book. I’ve been all over the universe trying to find a title for the book, and nothing is beating Once Upon An Unrequited Love. LOL!

Sometimes I tend to overthink things. Like, I go down this rabbit hole of If/then in my quest for truth and meaning. Here’s what I’ll say – the notion of Unrequited Love isn’t sharply delineated. It’s a simple phrase used to define when someone has feelings for another person who doesn’t have feelings for them. That’s it, Z.L.! Jeez. There’s no need to make it more complex than that. 

I talk to myself that way a lot. I feel like I’ve been on a quest to make the center, the middle, my norm.

Have you read my Parched series? So, that’s WAY out there. I’m revising Once Friends right now as well by making it first-person present tense. I’ll figure out whether I should change any of the story elements as I go. I’m actually quite entertained by the story. I didn’t think I would be, but I am. Hmm…

With that said, I’m planning to re-release in the next three to four months. Don’t worry; I’ll tell you all about it when I’m closer to the end. If you recall, I combined Once Friends and Now Lovers to make the story only Once Friends. 

Anyway, the process of writing Max’s story is moving along splendidly. However, and I’ve said this before,  if I go too fast, I’ll miss the story. Just a couple of days ago, I told myself, “Oh no. If I had gone beyond this point, I would’ve missed this! I would’ve missed these subjects that must be addressed between the characters. They must’ve had these feelings when their worlds unexpectedly collided earlier in the book. And I should flesh out certain encounters now that my imagination is putting meat on the bones. Thinking this way – crafting this way is why you, as readers say, “I couldn’t put the big down.” 

The story is tight. This can’t happen without that. This portion is leading to that.

And I will say this, I’m in the middle of my part one rewrite, and I’m blown away by this story. I’m so in. When I arrived at the end of the chapters, I pumped my fist and said, “Yes.” LOL.

Basically, I think you’re going to love it. I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to finish as well as I started. And so, that’s why I can’t rush it. 

And so, I said all that to say that the new release date is September 26, 2023. And you can now preorder the Once Upon An Unrequited Love on Apple Books only!

I will not do a preorder on Amazon because it’s just too complicated with them.

If you want to preorder on Apple, go HERE.

Alrighty then. I’m writing this after midnight so it is a shower and bed for me. Although, I feel like I’m missing something.

The heat has finally made its way to Southern California. Sigh… I loathe the heat. One day, I’ll move to a cooler climate—one day.

Until next time! Enjoy the rest of your week.