Author Update – 9-3-2023! Important Changes


Okay, so I couldn’t skip this update today because I must announce that Romancing The Billionaire, Max Grove’s story, has a new release date. The new release date is October 17, 2023.

I’m forced to change the date because I’m not finished with the story and must arrange editing and proofing. However, I use Grammarly more intensely these days, running all sentences through to ensure those pesky errors that humans often miss are discovered. Machines rule! But still, I would love to arrange human proofing and editing as well.

This will be a long book, ya’ll – simply because I want to tell a complete, unrushed story. I will NEVER rush another book, ever. 

Plus, Lake has a lot of healing to do before she can give her heart to another.

And Max, well… He’s complex. I never subscribed to the notion that a man needs fixing and brought down to size by a woman’s love. Love shouldn’t make you have to diminish yourself. So, Max does not need to be fixed. I want you to understand him. Is he perfect? No. Same with my heroines. They don’t NEED to be in a relationship. But when true love comes calling, they love how it feels. 

I think the release date change is the big announcement for today. So have a fantastic rest of your weekend and a lovely week to come.

Much Love,