Cover Changes Alert!

Just a short FYI –  you’ll see many mismatch covers in the Lords of Manhattan and Romancing the Boss and Billionaire series for several days.

This is what’s happening. 

I’ve tested a boatload of covers over the past three months. 

In The Lord Brothers of Manhattan Series (Crossing the Line, A Fake Love Deal, and Boss On Notice), there is a particular set of blue covers that have objects such as bras and ties, and one with an e-reader containing Lily’s letter to Orion, one with a note to Hercules, and another with a contract on the cover. Whenever a book is free, those covers secure the most free downloads; however, read-through is paltry because the imagery doesn’t accurately capture the feel of the story. 

The covers with men whose faces are barely shown have the best read-through with TLBOM; however, CTL downloads are scarce. 

And I was fine leaving them that way. The problem is Once Upon A One-Night Stand. The blue cover with the vector man and bra performs the best, and I stalled performance by changing it so much. I just wanted to make sure. 

Go figure – it’s that one.

It’s an attractive cover, but I’ll have to really give myself time to come up with a companion for Once Upon An Unrequited Love (Romancing The Billionaire). One of my favorite TikTok reviewers gave Once Upon A One-Night Stand two and a half chili peppers. 🙂 Guess how many Once Upon A Requited Love has?

Answer below.

So. Since we’re introduced to the Grove cousins in TLBOM, I figured the covers for both short series have to be in the same vein, which is why I came up with new versions of TLBOM covers. I have a Bookbub Featured Deal for Crossing The Line on Sept 20th (Also, I’ll be coming to you then with other goodies, so stay tuned!); however, I want to have the cover for that series right several days before the 2oth.

So here are the covers I’ll be testing. If they’re not matching with ads, then don’t panic. It’s me! 

I hope that these covers convey slow-burn spice, humor, but the story comes first kind of content. So, if these don’t sink me, then I’ll try making Once Upon A One-Night Stand and Once Upon An Unrequited Love more like this new iteration of TLBOM, which I LOVE. But of course, it’s not about what I love. I’m trying to find what you love; however, the image must accurately depict the stories. 

About my next release… I will say that there is little to no strong language in Once Upon An Unrequited Love. Also, I’m focused on writing a great love story between two people. I have to be true to who Max and Lake are. It’s going to take more than sexual attraction to get these two between the sheets. There has to be more – so I need to get back to work stat. I had to take a break for about a week to finish tasks that were unrelated to storytelling, and I’m so missing their story!

Oh, and my guess is that Once Upon An Unrequited Love will end up being one and half chili peppers. Lake has to get to the point where her grief isn’t a barrier to finding love – and she has to give into Max’s allure. Umm… 🙂

Thanks for reading my post.

Have a great rest of your week. I’ll be back next week for that special announcement!