It’s Finished! Accidental Us by Zoey Locke! (New Title: Boss I Love to Loathe)

Well, it’s complete!

The new title is Boss I Love to Loathe (update 5-11-2024)

My next new Zoey Locke novel with input from Tabi Ryan will be released soon!

The intended release date is 5-22-2024. If that changes, I’ll let you know. 

I’ll be posting teasers and sneak peaks every day up until release day!

The story is barely one chili pepper of steam. It’s just solid feel-good, engaging banter, and connection romance. 

Here’s the Description in case you’re wondering:

I can’t stand “celebrity chef” Randy Thorn. I mean, just look at him, he’s so very pompous—pompous, pompous, pompous.

He blew into our small town with is ego in tow, and now he’s my new boss. He’s always on my back, needling me about this or that.

Okay, my first confession: Randy’s hot as sin.

My second confession:  When no one’s around and are defenses are down, we find ourselves unable to keep our hands, lips…well, our whole bodies to ourselves. Yes, it’s complicated, and it all happens by accident, really.

And now, things have gotten more complicated after I pee on a stick—all seven of them. Yikes! 


Also, the tropes are: Small Town Romance, Enemies to Lovers, Boss Romance and Accidental Pregnancy. 

Alrighty, then, stay tuned for more updates! 

All best,


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