Zoey Locke’s Upcoming New Release News!

I’ll start by saying the news is good. 

While writing Zoey’s next release, the title was “Boss I Love to Loathe.” Then, I second-guessed myself, but I decided to stick to my guns.

So, that book will be released on or before May 22nd. 

Yes, you heard me right! ON OR BEFORE. If you purchase the preorder from me directly, you’ll be sure to get it sometime this week, possibly or at least by the weekend. 

That’s the kind of power I have when operating my own store.

Gosh, I love it!

Anyway, there’s more news. I’ve provided a sneak peek of three chapters of Boss I Love to Loathe. 

Zoey now also has her own FB page, which is actually kind of daunting. I mean, Facebook should really figure out how to solve its phishing problem. Every day, I’m inundated with malicious messages by accounts pretending to be them. It’s odd. I wonder if those people draw a salary to lure unsuspecting users to click on their harmful links. So, another page, more of those folks to contend with. Because they are people on the other side of attempting to harm. People are making those choices.

But anyway, if you love Zoey’s books, then I invite you to follow the page. 

I find Zoey’s books funnier to write–sunnier to write. That’s where my headspace is these days. I’m focusing on the brighter side of life. 

I’ve grown so much in the last eight years. I can’t even begin to be the person who wrote my earlier books. Those days are done, so enjoy those books because I can’t write them anymore.

Not only are the stories I’m telling these days different, but my writing has matured.

I’ve undergone a revolution, and it shows in my writing. I have not written the same way since Once Upon An Unrequited Love. There was something about writing that book. It was transformative. 

Writing this book was too–Boss I Love to Loathe. 

I believe the book’s strength is the intimacy between all characters—the intimacy between Gina and Randy, Gina and Naomi, Gina and her parents, and Gina and the “Empty Nesters Who Lunch.”


Oh, wait until you meet the empty nesters who lunch! LOL

They were fun to write. 

Also, if you have read my books recently, and I even changed most of The Blackstone Brothers to reflect this, I don’t want to tell you what my characters look like.

No colors. Skin. Eyes. Hair. No colors. 

You picture who you see. And actually, whenever I read a book, I never picture anybody. I also do not like it when I’m told what a character looks like, at least in the romance genre. Those kinds of details can take me out of the story for a moment, leaving me trying to forget the physical attributes. Sometimes, they can make me judgmental, too. 

These days, I would rather only tell you if it’s crucial to the story and the world I’m building. AndI have to be writing a genre other than romance to build physical traits into my stories. Because the stories I tell are universal. Or maybeeven more of a mindset, if that makes sense. I’m not conventional. I don’t even know how to write a conventional story. 


Anyway, so, if there are men on my cover, disregard what they look like. Frankly, I don’t picture anyone at all when I write my books. It’s odd, but I don’t. I mean, earlier, when I wrote the Parched series and LOVE in the USA, I pictured my ex-boyfriend in his glory days. Gosh, he was so beautiful—in every way—and he smelled good all the time. 


I promise you–those days are DONE. LOL! That’s a short kind of long story.

Anyway, you can visit my homepage and check out Look Inside under the SNEAK PEEKS and OTHER GOOODs tab.

I give Boss I Love to Loathe at least one chili pepper. There’s no graphic sex. There’s also very little strong language. 

No. , I’m not religious. Yet, that kind of writing, building intimacy between characters as I build their worlds, makes me happy.

Whew. It’s been ages since I wrote a blog post this long. I will also attach an image with a story snippet to this post. I’ll try to release these sorts of snippets daily until release day. 

I say, “Try” because I get so busy sometimes. 

Like right now, it’s bedtime. 


Nightie night! Until tomorrow!


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