Z.L. has been writing romance full-time since 2011, which has allowed her to amass quite a catalog of romance novels. She loves what she does, and as she’s evolved, so have her stories. Now, she’s focused on writing angsty, sensual, and emotionally deep romance where characters have reached the point in life where they are ready for true and lasting love.

When Z.L.’s not writing…


She’s always writing!

Zoey Locke is an alter-ego of Z.L. Arkadie, who writes fun, slow-burn billionaire romance novels featuring interconnected stand-alone books. She likes to write series with characters that have something in common, and they can be brothers, sisters, or cousins.


Zoey keeps it light, emotional, humorous, and lukewarm. When she’s writing, you’ll be sure to get your favorite romance tropes. Like enemies to lovers, grumpy/sunshine, friends to lovers, second chances, and forbidden love!