Accidental Us by Zoey Locke with Tabi Ryan


Sometimes the right person is right in front of you, even if it takes a series of accidents to see it.

Hi, I’m Gina Emerson, and I’ll admit it: I can’t stand my boss, Randy Thorn, the pompous chef from New York City. He’s grumpy, obsessive-compulsive, and always on my back. We’re bickering opposites in every way except…

Confession time: Randy is tall, dark, and very handsome. Some nights, when we’re alone at work, and our defenses are down, we give in to our passions. It’s a mistake we can’t stop making and a secret I’ll never tell.

It’s not like Randy is asking me out on dates. He definitely has something holding him back.

But everything changes after a minor accident sets off a series of unexpected turns, forcing us to confront our true feelings.

In this heartwarming enemies-to-lovers story, you’ll find witty banter, self-discovery, and heartfelt relationships. Set in a small town filled with gossiping mothers and plenty of love, nobody’s life will ever be the same.

Get into this unputdownable romance now!