Jasper Christmas Trilogy

Why does it feel as if I’ve been gaping into his eyes this way since the beginning of time? What a handsome man he is. They say he’s dangerous, and I can see the danger in him. But I can also see that he’s capable of love—deep, unceasing, unconditional love.

“Holly, in your world there’s peace and justice and following the rules. But men like Valentine don’t respect your way of doing things,” he whispers thickly, hotly, lustfully.
I’m moving more forward without thought. Our lips are closer. “If you think I live with pink clouds, unicorns, and fairies, you’re wrong, Mr. Christmas.”

When Jasper gazes at me, I usually see something intense in his eyes. His gaze is completely laced with fire and desire. He promises to look at me that way forever.

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