Once Upon A One-Night Stand – Lynx Grove – Audio Clip

Here's a Goodie!

This is a 3-minute clip of a scene between Xena and Lynx. 

Narrator: Ian Bond

Chapter: 7

Duration: 3:47

Xena St. James always plays it safe.

Not only is Lynx Grove anatomically perfect, but he’s Manhattan’s most eligible billionaire bachelor, and according to Xena’s cousin, he’s a perfect gentleman. On paper, a one-night stand with Lynx Grove is a safe bet, right?


Prince Charming quickly turns into a frog, dropping a barrage of commitment-phobic bombs which should’ve sent Xena running for the hills. But Lynx is an expert lover, and that’s how her safe decision morphs into a reckless night of passionate lovemaking.

To distance herself from their thrilling one-night stand, Xena vows to leave Lynx in her dust. Oddly, he keeps showing up at her lowest moments, offering a helping hand. But Xena won’t easily let down her guard. She knows Lynx is a heartbreak waiting to happen.

Lynx Grove isn’t looking for love. But there’s something about Xena St. James that dissolves his defenses. Maybe that’s why he offered her a job and insisted she becomes his roommate.


Lynx knows he’s being reckless, and Xena’s wise to be cautious. He doesn’t do vanilla relationships. But could his beautiful and exciting new employee chip away at his resolve one encounter at a time?

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