Once Upon A One-Night Stand

Romancing The Boss and Billionaire

Book One

Lynx Grove? The scorching-hot billionaire who left me high and dry? 

Work for him? 

You’ve got to be kidding!

He thinks I’ll cave, that I’ll forget how he ghosted me after that unforgettable night. But will his addictive charisma win me over… once more?


Step into the glamorous world of the Grove cousins, where the stakes are high and the hearts are even higher. As the world’s richest and most handsome billionaires, they have it all – wealth, power, and a reputation for being uncatchable. But beneath their polished exteriors lies a burning desire for something more. Their lives revolve around their groundbreaking technology empire, leaving no room for love. However, fate has other plans as these captivating dames enter their lives, stirring emotions they never thought possible. Prepare for a tantalizing journey of romance, ambition, and the battle between love and success in Romancing the Boss and Billionaire.

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