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    Major Rebranding Underway!

    I can no longer put it off, it’s time to rebrand. I’ve been writing full-time since 2011. I’ve written 34 books, going 35 by the end of this month. And if you’ve read all the books, then you know they’re all not congruent. Also, I’m just a much better novelist today than I was seven years ago. Jeez, that’s how long I’ve been in this business, seven years. Anyway, so, starting today and through next year I will be going through the rebranding process. It’s time. And believe me, if you like my stories, then don’t worry, they’re only going to get better. I’ve started the process yesterday. You’ll see…

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    New Release! Waiting On You by Z.L. Arkadie – Now Available

      Waiting On You, A Brooklyn Love Story is Now Available! I’ve also included a special treat. At the end of Waiting On You, you’ll find the details of my next book series, along with a full cover reveal. This is the only place where that information appears. To those who have endured until the end of LOVE in the USA, The Hesters, thanks so much. I had to write these characters out of my system. Their stories had been with me since 2006! Now, I ‘m ready to move forward and finish completing this new series that I’m having a ball writing! Okay, so without further delay. I hope you…

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    5 More Days Until “Waiting On You” New Release!

    Including today, there are just five more days until Waiting On You, A Brooklyn Love Story releases! You can now pre-order it on all stores except Amazon. I’d rather not mess with Amazon’s pre-orders. I have my reasons. But if you are an Amazon reader, then mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 13th. I will do a better job sending follow-up emails regarding the new release. So often I finish one book and after a brief period of rest, I am on to the next. AND OMG, I’m writing the first book in a new trilogy… Sigh… I’m telling you I love it. I’ve figured out the sort of stories…

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    The Surprise Romance Series Coming Soon!

    So at the moment, I’m writing on a new project, and let me tell you the words are just mounting on the page. I hadn’t written this smoothly in a long time, and I know why. I prefer writing in the first person–that’s in the “I” voice. Okay… So what’s the title of this new three-book series? I can’t tell you. Not yet at least. Okay, then what’s it about at least. Can’t tell you that either. Not yet at least. Alright, Z, then when can you tell us?” Well… My editing date is November 23rd. Once it’s in my editor’s hands, that’s when I’ll start singing like a canary.…

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    Taming The Shrewd, Another Hollywood Love Story (Zach & Elaine)

    Elaine was done with looking for love, which meant she was ready to own the world and make it her bitch, starting with her first meeting of the day with a guy, who had become an inconvenient problem she hadn’t seen coming. When Zach Lord walked into Elaine Hester’s office that morning he had one goal in mind, that was until their eyes met and he felt something inside he never felt before. Suddenly he threw all his plans out the window. Ebook Reg. Price: $3.99  ♥  Print List Price: $14.99