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ONCE FRIENDS, A Hollywood Love Story
(Sonja & Jay, #1)

Sonja and Jay were once best friends, and then he broke her heart and they became strangers. Fifteen years later an act of fate brings them together again.

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NOW LOVERS, A Hollywood Love Story
(Sonja & Jay, #2)

World famous actor Jay West could’ve chosen any woman in the world to fall in love with, but he chose Sonja Hester.  But when a big mistake comes back to haunt Jay, the possibility of a Hollywood scandal threatens to ruin him and the woman he loves.

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Taming the Shrewd, Another Hollywood Love Story
Elaine & Zach

Releases on or before August 28, 2018
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Elaine was done with looking for love, which meant she was ready to own the world and make it her bitch, starting with her first meeting of the day with a guy, who had become an inconvenient problem she hadn’t seen coming.

When Zachary Lord walked into Elaine Hester’s office that morning he had one goal in mind, that was until their eyes met and he felt something inside he never felt before.Suddenly he threw all his plans out the window.

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Waiting On You ( A Brooklyn Love Story)
Robin & Dexter

Releases on or before November 13, 2018

Dexter was tired of getting his heart stomped on by beautiful women like Robin. That was it. He would never think about her again. But six months later, he walked into the green room at WBLAT and to his surprise, her curious eyes met his.

After getting her heart broken by a famous actor. Robin Hester was done being an artist, which put her in social circles with rich, famous and entitled assholes. It was the morning she planned to announce her decision to the world. It was the only reason she accepted the invitation to appear on New Day New York, a morning TV talk show, in the first place. When the production assistant put her in the green-room, she was shocked to see a familiar pair of eyes watching her. His name was Dexter Frampton. Fifteen minutes later they were live on-air together, and before she could officially announce her retirement, the cocky bastard questioned her talent. And now, before saying goodbye to being an artist, Robin meant to put every ounce of her energy into proving him wrong. Game on Dexter Frampton. Game on.

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