LOVE in the USA, The Lords

Love find’s a heartbroken travel writer on the majestic island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Vincent Adams is the boy Maggie hated in high school, and her new boss.

This playboy’s reign comes to an end when fate puts “the one” in his path.

Fate, friends, and love step in to remind Daisy and Jack they were made for each other.

Maggie and Vince overcome their commitment issues to put love first.

Robert Tango is so bad. But the love of a good woman is about to make him good.

You are cordially invited to the weddings of all weddings. 

Robert and Carter cross paths in more ways than one.

Charlie’s mistakes come back to haunt him. But love still conquers all as the Lord’s family grows by one.

When Jack goes missing, Daisy does whatever it takes to find him. Soon she learns the man she married harbors secrets beyond her wildest dreams

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