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Jasper Christmas was a beautiful but dark angel… Danger dripped from his pores. I should’ve resisted him but I’m glad I didn’t.


Intrigued (Book 1)

Get Christmas all year long…

“As long as I lived I would never be able to fully figure out Jasper Christmas. He was the abyss, the dark sea and buried in his depths were treasures, wonderful beautiful treasures.”

When I arrived at the Christmas mansion, it was my friend’s older brother, who welcomed me with un-opened arms.

Jasper Walker Christmas was a beautiful dark angel who guarded his family’s secrets with his flaming sword.

So soon I found myself passionately entangled with this sexy and intense creature. Now, I’m worried our encounters will make me betray the reason I was invited to his family estate in the first place. Or was that his intention all along?

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Desire (Book 2)

Christmas is over, the new year has begun, and I still can’t get Jasper Christmas out of my system. Here he is in my life once again. I don’t know if he’s playing me or if he’s genuinely falling in love with me. As a top investigative reporter, I have to keep my head in the game. The Christmases secrets are dark indeed and each discovery more unbelievable than the former. If only Jasper Christmas would go away. His desire for me is insatiable as is mine for him. And then the one story that could destroy the Christmases forever falls into my lap.

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Claimed (Book 3)

The Christmases most shocking secret has been revealed. What does that mean for Jasper and my relationship? My lover once told me he was a man, who had obligations. He was once ready to destroy his foes to be set free from them, but is he prepared to ruin his family’s reputation for the sake of our love?




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Current E-book Price: $3.99
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