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The Sexy Series
Z.L. Arkadie & T. R. Bertrand


The Sexy Boss

Sedition_100x150Amazon iBooks Google Play Nook Kobo 

eBook Price: $3.99 ♥ Print List Price: TBA

The heart wants what it wants and Abby’s heart wants her new sexy boss. But what happens when a vengeful ex- wife and a mysterious death gets in the way of them being together? Start reading this tale of love, lies and mystery now!

Sexy Professor – Redemption

The-Sexy-Professor_100x150Amazon iBooks Google Play Nook Kobo 

eBook Price: $3.99   ♥  Print List Pice: TBA

Loss and heartache bring together a law school student and her sexy professor.

The Sexy Artist – Fixation

The Sexy Artist_100x150Amazon iBooks Google Play Nook Kobo 

eBook  Price: $3.99  ♥  Print List Pice: TBA

After a heartbreaking divorce a woman escapes to a new country and finds love with one of Italy’s most famous and sexiest artists.

The Sexy Chef – Domination

The Sexy Chef_100x150Amazon iBooks Google Play Nook Kobo

eBook  Price: $3.99 ♥  Print List Pice: TBA

She hates him. He thinks she’s crazy. But why can’t they keep their hands off each other? It’s only a matter of time before one hot and steamy moment with the Sexy Chef brings Gina a result that she can’t take back.