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Intrigued (Book 1)

Get Christmas all year long…

“As long as I lived I would never be able to fully figure out Jasper Christmas. He was the abyss, the dark sea and buried in his depths were treasures, wonderful beautiful treasures.”

When I arrived at the Christmas mansion, it was my friend’s older brother, who welcomed me with un-opened arms.

Jasper Walker Christmas was a beautiful dark angel who guarded his family’s secrets with his flaming sword.

So soon I found myself passionately entangled with this sexy and intense creature. Now, I’m worried our encounters will make me betray the reason I was invited to his family estate in the first place. Or was that his intention all along?

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Take the most sensual ride of your life.

Find Her, Keep Her (A Martha’s Vineyard Love Story
LOVE in the USA, Book 1

I was one heartbroken woman. He was one determined billionaire. We shared one week of passion that would change our lives forever.



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The Sterlings, Billionaire Family Saga (Romance, Mystery and Suspense)

Secrets And Lies (The Sterling, Book 1)
(Formerly, Secrets & Chance)

A missing persons investigation sparks a budding romance between two lawyers while they’re forced to work together to uncover familial deceptions and murderous schemes.



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  • Aimee Dixon

    I loved the Martha Vineyard story’s I’ve reread it and I fall in love even more everytime. I also loved the Hester’s I’m now onto my bosses desire and I’m hooked I enjoy your books so much.


    I loved the Series The Sterlings and Love in the USA ! Sometimes I wish the books I read can just keep on going forever !!

    Thank you

  • Sylvia

    Secrets and Chase is a serial, not a series. It was a very interesting, though sometimes confusing story. Then, just when it looked like we might be getting some answers the whole thing abrupty ended. To get the rest of the story I will have to buy three more books!
    If I had realized that this was just the first installment of an unfinished story, I would never have started it.

    • ZLArkadieBooks

      I believe a lot of people love starting a book and seeing whether they should take a chance on the story and an author. I weave a complete world in my book ones. I introduce readers to characters and problems. I begin the journey in book one, and continuing the SERIES in separate books gives me time to be creative. This is has proven to suit my creative instincts. I’ve made Secret & Chance, and the other books which are free, so that people may become acclimated to the story and the way in which I tell it. They’re free for the purpose of making a future sale so that I can continue making a living doing what I love. But I’m sure there are plenty writers who write free books that suit your tastes. All best, Z

  • Melany

    I’ve read all of your books and I must say, The Parched series are my favorite. Just wish it never ended😔 Can’t wait for the next series!

    • ZLArkadieBooks

      🙂 I love the Parched series too! Sometimes I wish I would’ve stuck with one genre and did it very well. Those books are appropriate fits for my out-there imagination LOL! Thanks for stopping by to let me know! I totally appreciate it! 🙂

  • Nicky

    I have just finished reading your Love in the USA series, can’t stop spreading the word. Now I will have to find something else to read on my way to work. But, thank you so much as I said to a friend best books ever!

    • ZLArkadieBooks

      Thanks so much Nicky! 🙂 I truly appreciate you spreading the word. 🙂 And keep your eyes peeled for the next LOVE in the USA release, which will be on March 6th! I’m finishing it up this week! All Best, Z

  • Stella

    I just finished reading “Find Her, Keep Her” and really enjoyed it! You write excellent characters! I’ve been sick for almost a week and your book really helped me feel better!

  • Erica Naranjo

    Love in the USA is a wonderful and amazing series. Your a extremely talented author..
    When is is Vince abs Maggie # 3 come out , your website states in December and iTunes it shows April ?

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Hi Erica! Thank you so much for the kind words 🙂 I truly appreciate it. Also, I would like to apologize for the confusion. Made To Love Her (Maggie & Vince 3) is scheduled to be released on February 15, 21016. The previous release date was December 31, 2015 but I ran out of steam by the end of the year. I’m writing the book now though–(wipes brow)–finally… 🙂 thanks for asking! Z

  • Bee Gee

    Ms. Arkadie you are a absolutely amazing! I am beyondddd addicted to every single series you have written so far. The Sexy Boss Sedition was A++++. Thank you sooo much for keeping me entertained while my husband is at work! Please don’t ever stop writing!


    • zuleikaarkadie

      Ahh…. Thanks so much, B! I truly appreciate you stopping by to share the love! Hey and if you feel like it we would so appreciate a quick review on Amazon. We’ll even throw in free e-book copies of The Sexy Professor – Redemption books 1 & 2! Thanks again! All best, Z

  • Cheyan

    I love the parched series but I understand why you took it off of Google Play. I was finishing the seventh sister about to get the next book come to find out it was not even it the Google play store.

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Hi Cheyan, You can now find the entire Parched series on All nine books are actually in Kindle Unlimited for three months. That means you have the option to read them all straight through using their subscription service. However, the Parched series will be back on Google Play and other retailers on October 14th. Thanks for loving and reading the Parched series! All best, Z

      • zuleikaarkadie

        Thanks so much, Gina! I actually set the date to December 31, 2015 but I’m going to work like the dickens to get the books released before then. It’s better to be early than late! 😉 I’m hoping to push back all my release dates for the rest of the year. So you may be reading Made to Love Her and He’s So Good sooner than you think! I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for stopping by to share the love! All best, Z

  • Renelle Shaik

    Hi Ms Arkadie,

    I just love your “In love in the USA” Collection, I have read almost the entire lot, its brilliant, keep up the good work

    Renelle Shaik

    • zuleikaarkadie

      Thanks Renelle! I truly appreciate you stopping by to share the love! <3 Have a great weekend! All best, Z

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