Making it while faking it


Releases on March 1, 2021

My dad cut me off from the family billions. But now he’s back with an offer I can’t afford to refuse. If I marry one of the Lord brothers, he’ll make me rich again.


Both Lord brothers are handsome as sin, but that’s where their good qualities end. Basically, the pickings are slim.


I choose a Lord brother to marry anyhow. And hallelujah, I’m rich again! 


But my new husband drives me crazy, and I drive him crazy too. We’re opposites in every way imaginable. So then, why does my pulse race whenever we touch? And our stares are starting to linger longer than necessary. Oh no, are these butterflies he put in my stomach?


Could we end up making it while faking it?


Z.L as Zoey Locke is giving you romance with your romance!

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