He’s So Bad: A San Francisco Love Story (Love in the USA, Book 8)

Robert Tango is the narrator of this book, even though some of your favorites make appearances.



They’ve always been my weakness.

There’s a certain line a man shouldn’t cross to get the woman he’s always wanted—especially when that woman belongs to his best friend.

I crossed that line. And now I’ve lost everything that matters.

They say a man has to hit bottom before he rises to the top. I’ve hit bottom—but like a ballon filled with helium I’m working hard as hell to pick myself back up.

Then I meet Carter. She’s irresistible and way too good for me. I’m not ready for her—at least not yet. Plus she’s my buddy’s favorite cousin. I’ve made the mistake of crossing him once, and I sure as hell don’t want to cross him twice. So I’m keeping my distance. But as each day goes by, I’m finding it harder to resist her.

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